Residential / condos

Spline Group has worked on several mid-rise condominiums and apartments located in Windsor and Toronto. We've worked on luxury residential Condos and economical rental apartments with buildings up to six-storey high and up to 2 underground levels with parking.

The building has been designed to meet all current requirements of the Ontario Building Code (OBC) and all applicable standards.

The mechanical systems include:
Several of these projects have been completed, some under construction and several under design development. Projects involved feasibility planning, conceptual design, detailed engineering & design, construction review, and contract administration.

Kingsville Condo

Kingsville, ON

5 Storey Condo
~70,000 SF

March 2019

Two Manning Road

Windsor, ON

85,000 SF


Partial Residential/Condos Client List
6 Storey Residential – Toronto (60 unit)
8 Storey Residential – Aurora (15 unit)
5 Storey Condo – Tecumseh (24 units)
5 Storey Condo – Kingsville Condo
5 Storey Condo – Tecumseh Condo
4 Storey Residential – Toronto (35 unit)
4 Storey – 300 unit - Whitby 4 Block development
Custom Homes – 1,500 sq/ft to 20,000 sq/ft